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ACH Direct offers a comprehensive suite of risk management tools. One of the most powerful prevention tools in the fight against bad check writers is ATMVerify®.

ATMVerify® offers two distinct levels of verification. At the highest level of verification (Level 1), ATMVerify® is able to verify in real time, through a direct electronic query to the check writer’s financial institution, if the checking account currently has sufficient funds to cover the amount of the presented check. At the next level of verification (Level 2), ATMVerify® is able to determine if the account is, as of opening of that business day, an open, valid account with positive funds or if the account is currently NSF, closed or cannot be located. If neither Level 1 nor Level 2 verification produce results, ATMVerify® can be set to query one or more of the nation's largest negative databases of known bad check writers.

ATMVerify® can be used at the point of sale, for Internet- or telephone-based transactions, and a variety of other methods where checking account verification capabilities are needed. ATMVerify® can be integrated with your existing systems, shopping cart software or any of our software products such as VirtualTerminal, DirectBillingTM or SoftTerminalTM.