Trademark Usage Guidelines

  1. Forte Payment Systems' ("Forte") list of trademarks:
    • SoftTerminal™
    • DirectBilling™
    • IDVerify™
    • ATMCheck®
    • DirectRecovery™
  2. Only a graphic provided by Forte may be used to display the Forte logo.
  3. The required font for all Forte trademarks is Open Sans.
  4. The appropriate designation (™ or ®) must be used at least the first time a Forte trademark (including the name "Forte Payment Systems") appears in a publication, but need not be used each time the trademark is used in a publication if it is used in a way that the reader is clearly placed on notice. Use the following standards to decide when and how to designate a trademark:

If there are multiple uses of the trademark throughout a publication, an explanatory note on the cover sheet or title page of the publication in the following format will be sufficient:

"Forte is a trademark of Forte Payment Systems, Inc., used under license" or (when registered) "Forte is a registered trademark of Forte Payment Systems, Inc., used under license" (registration pending)

    1. The note described in (a) above may not always be appropriate, particularly if the document is such that portions of it may be used separately without reference to its beginning. If so, use the following guidelines:
      1. Display a trademark each time it appears in a table of contents, a chapter or section heading, or a picture or figure caption.
      2. Mark a trademark the first time it is used in each part of a publication, which is likely to be independently referenced.
      3. If in doubt, use additional markings rather than fewer.
    2. Always mark the trademark on covers of publications, in advertisements and press releases.
    3. If in doubt, mark the trademark the first time it is used on each page of copy.


for logo usage

  • Don't change the logo's orientation
  • Don't change the logo colors
  • Don't crop the logo
  • Don't bevel the logo, add a shadow, or a glow
  • Don't use this logo on any color background besides white
  • Don't outline the logo
  • Don't place the logo on a photograph or pattern

Clear Space

around logo

To preserve the Forte logo's integrity, always maintain a minimum clear space around the logo. This clear space isolates the logo from competing graphic elements such as other logos, copy, photography or background patterns that may divert attention. The minimum clear space for the Forte logo is defined as the height of the "f" in the wordmark.

Inverted Logo

on black background

Revised September 2014
Subject to change without notification