Payment Processing Software

Recurring Billing


Collect payments on time, every time!

Set up regularly scheduled credit card payments, debit card payments or eCheck payments with ACH Direct’s Recurring Billing software. Your customers and clients will enjoy the ease and peace of mind knowing that their bills will be paid automatically and on time. Your business will benefit from using our Recurring Billing system by:

  • Saving time and reducing administrative burden
  • Reducing the costs associated with manual billing and collection items
  • Increasing the consistency of your income stream
  • Reducing declined authorizations
  • Helping to reduce risk
  • Enhancing customer loyalty
  • Improving your business’s bottom line

Using ACH Direct’s Recurring Billing software, merchants can process payments recurring weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually safely and efficiently. Our Recurring Billing system offers your business:

  • A Web-based solution available 24/7/365
  • Flexibility of payment acceptance – online payments, telephone payments and face-to-face payments
  • Ability to accept all payment methods – credit card payments, debit card payments, and eCheck payments
  • Ability to edit payment information and schedule
  • Re-presentment options for declined/returned items
  • Robust reporting
  • E-mail notification

Our Recurring Billing system can be accessed through our payment gateway software. To help reduce your risk it can be coupled with our suite of risk management tools, including check verification (ATMVerify®), identity verification (IDVerify™) and NSF Check Recovery.


Recurring Billing
Collect payments on time, automatically, and on a regular schedule.
NSF Check Recovery
Discover the most efficient way to collect on non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks
Payment Gateway
Give your customers a simple, secure way to make purchases.


Credit Card Processing
Process credit cards with ease and access customizable, robust reporting tools.
Check Verification
Get your hands on the most powerful tool in the fight against bad check writers.
ACH and eCheck Processing
Directly debit customer checking accounts and process checks electronically.
Identity Verification
Authenticate a consumer’s identity in a matter of seconds.
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