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A payment gateway is a merchant service application that allows merchants to process payments from their customers and clients. Payment gateways secure credit card details by encrypting all sensitive information, including account numbers, to ensure that payment information passes securely between the customer, the merchant and the merchant’s payment processor.

ACH Direct’s Payments Gateway simplifies your processing options by sending every financial transaction through a single channel. Designed for enhanced flexibility, it’s proven third-generation design enables merchants to process single or recurring credit card payments or e-check payments in either real time or batch mode. Whether you accept online payments, telephone payments or retail point-of-sale payments, you can rest assured that the process will be safe, simple and secure.
Merchants using Payments Gateway, can securely and efficiently:


The Premier Browser-Based Payment Processing Solution

ACH Direct’s VirtualTerminal, used in conjunction with our payment gateway, is the most advanced Web-based payment processing software available today. With its straightforward user interface, VirtualTerminal enables you to process online payments, telephone payments or point-of-sale payments easily and securely.

Every ACH Direct merchant account includes access to VirtualTerminal at no extra cost. And with our payment processing software your business can:

Our VirtualTerminal payment processing system supports a wide variety of point-of-sale hardware including check readers, check imagers, credit card readers and receipt printers.

Included is a complete suite of reports to help you track your receivables, better manage your resources and increase your cash flow. Report data is automatically updated in real time and all data is encrypted and stored securely in our data center to protect your organization and your customers' privacy. In addition, VirtualTerminal also:

  • Automatically validates credit card account numbers
  • Automatically validates eCheck routing numbers
  • Has fully customizable administrative features
  • Allows for an unlimited number of additional users, each with their own permissions

Whether your business processes online payments, telephone payments or point-of-sale payments, VirtualTerminal is the perfect payment processing software to handle all your financial transaction needs.


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