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NSF Check Recovery

With DirectRecovery™, we’ll collect your money and it won’t cost you a penny.


In these challenging economic times more and more businesses are receiving bad checks, and collecting on those checks is a burden for everyone involved. At ACH Direct, we realize that you need to focus all your resources on growing your business, not collecting on bad checks, which is why we offer a NSF Check Recovery system called DirectRecovery. It’s a simple and speedy way to collect your NSF checks, all at no cost to you!

DirectRecovery is the most advanced and efficient NSF checks collections system available. By using fully electronic collection techniques that are backed by traditional attorney-assisted collections, ACH Direct can provide your business with a higher NSF Check Recovery ratio and the quickest funding available today. With our NSF Check Recovery system, we will:

  • Pay you 100% of the face value for each NSF check we recover
  • Save your customers and clients the embarrassment by eliminating face-to-face payment
  • Pay you a rebate of 50% of the NSF fee we recover

DirectRecovery is a totally transparent process to your customers. They won’t be annoyed by traditional collection methods, increasing the likelihood your business relationship will continue.

When you couple our NSF Check Recovery system with our check verification software (ATMVerify®) and our identity verification system (IDVerify™ you will be able to rest easy knowing you have one of the most comprehensive suites of risk management tools available on the market today!


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