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Identity Verification


Authenticate a Consumer's Identity in a Matter of Seconds

Reduce fraud with our industry-leading identify verification solution

Do you really know who your customers or clients are? In today’s business environment, with increased identity fraud, it’s becoming increasingly important to verify the identity of the person you’re doing business with. ACH Direct’s identity verification service, IDVerify™, can assist you in mitigating the security risk that identity fraud brings. IDVerify offers the most effective and advanced identity verification service in the marketplace today.

ACH Direct’s identity verification service, a fraud management tool, was designed to provide your business with a rock-solid, real-time solution for identity verification with layered authentication tools that help you:

  • Better manage business risk
  • Avoid risky customers and clients
  • Protect your customers
  • Protect your data
  • Prevent fraud and the resulting loss of revenue

IDVerify also features built-in flexibility that allows you to tailor your identity verification system to your specific business, industry or need. You can also bundle it with our ATMVerify® check verification solution to obtain the most comprehensive suite of fraud management tools available today.

*ACH Direct’s authentication tools query public data records like the U.S. Treasury OFAC Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN).


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