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ACH / eCheck Payment Processing


ACH Direct provides fast, reliable and secure eCheck payment processing.

With our easy-to-use system, you can process ACH payments all the time, anytime - whether it’s online payment processing, telephone payments or point-of-sale payments. Our increased flexibility, and added simplicity lead to happy customers and a more attractive bottom line.

With ACH Direct’s eCheck payment processing services, your business can:

  • Retain flexibility in payment options
  • Improve your business’s cash flow
  • Reduce the hassle of paper checks
  • Convert paper checks to eChecks (ACH payments)
  • Leverage our low cost ACH and eCheck payment processing solutions to help keep your customers costs down
  • Make billing, processing invoices, and retail transactions easier and faster
  • Set up automated recurring billing increasing on-time paymentsAssociation/club dues

In addition, ACH Direct offers unique and robust reporting tools, at no extra cost, so you know where your money is at all times. These reporting tools are flexible and customizable, allowing you to choose either combined or separate reports.

All of our solutions support single or recurring eCheck payment processing and credit card processing. Our flexible and cost-effective solutions can be easily combined and customized in a variety of ways to meet the specific needs of companies and organizations of all types and sizes.


Credit Card Processing
Process credit cards with ease and access customizable, robust reporting tools.
Check Verification
Get your hands on the most powerful tool in the fight against bad check writers.
ACH and eCheck Processing
Directly debit customer checking accounts and process checks electronically.
Identity Verification
Authenticate a consumer’s identity in a matter of seconds.


Recurring Billing
Collect payments on time, automatically, and on a regular schedule.
NSF Check Recovery
Discover the most efficient way to collect on non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks
Payment Gateway
Give your customers a simple, secure way to make purchases.
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