ACH Direct provides real value to our customers with a comprehensive suite of payments products and services which includes:

  • ACH/echecks
  • Check Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Debit Card Processing


Developer Tools & Solutions

How has ACH Direct become one of the fastest-growing, privately-owned processors of electronic payment transactions in the country? By forming strategic partnerships with software developers and hardware manufactures to offer not only ACH, credit and debit card processing, but, check verification and customer identity and authentication services to their client base. Adding e-commerce functionality into your software has never been easier -- we have all the tools you'll ever need for a seamless integration. We offer a single-point connection coupled with a vast array of services that enhance both your software functionality and revenue stream.

One Connection, Endless Opportunities

By partnering with ACH Direct, you gain access to a wide range payment processing services direct from the source. This eliminates the need to connect or contract with multiple providers, and reduces your operations costs and time-to-market.
We offer:

  • Access to all major electronic payment networks
  • Credit card
  • Debit Card
  • ACH/e-check
  • Check verification and authentication products
  • Single or recurring transactions
  • Private-label or co-branded solutions and processing tools
  • Real-time and batch processing options

Simplicity & Flexibility

We want to make your job easier. From integrating our technology to the way we answer the phone and everything in between, we focus on simplicity and flexibility.

  • Do you want to deliver transactions via batch or through an http post method?
  • Or would you rather private-label one of our proprietary solutions?
  • Will you handle customer and technical support issues or will we?
  • Do you want us to bill your clients or will you?
Whatever your need, we provide simple, flexible solutions. The bottom line is, you make the call. Whatever makes sense for you and your customer makes sense to us. That, in essence, is what makes a great partnership.

The Partnership Program

With ACH Direct, you are rewarded proportionately: the more you do, the more you earn. As an ACH Direct Partner, your areas of responsibility involve integrating your software into Payments Gateway and providing merchant marketing, lead generation and customer service for your software/product offering.

We provide merchant sales/closing, application assistance, partner and merchant training, marketing support, underwriting and enrollment of new merchants, merchant billing and collections, transaction processing, customer support on our service offering, and tracking, reporting and payment of partner commissions.

Compliance & Security

Along with maximizing revenue streams and enhancing your product offering, partnering with ACH Direct can you reduce compliance complexity and security risk levels.

How? We start by simplifying the process for making your software compliant. Your liability is minimized by outsourcing sensitive consumer financial data. This significantly reduces your risk of non-compliance and security breaches.

Additionally, with ACH Direct, your need for certain costly compliance audits is eliminated.

ACH Directís solutions are compliant with NACHA Rules & Regulations, CISP/PCI, and PABP.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Just click here to fill out the form to have a partner representative call you. Or give us a call at 866.378.0001 and ask about our Integration Partner Program.