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New ACH Check Conversion Application Effective March 16

A new method of converting paper checks to an ACH electronic checks becomes effective March 16, 2007. Called Back Office Conversion, or BOC, merchants will be able to collect eligible business and consumer checks accepted during the day and convert them in a single location, away from the point of sale.

Whether your organization accepts a handful or a significant number of checks, BOC offers an array of advantages. Retailers, home-based businesses, not-for-profit organizations, utilities and service-based companies will enjoy the cost and time-savings afforded by BOC. It is easy to implement, utilizing a single process in the back room for converting checks, with imaging and MICR capture taking place in a more controlled environment. Unlike Point-of-Purchase (POP) ACH check conversion where multiple scanners are required at every cash register, checks can be converted to BOC using a single scanner in the back office. Fewer employees will need to be trained to implement BOC.

Additional advantages offered by BOC:

  • Faster payment clearing time frames
  • Cost-savings created by using ACH instead of processing checks
  • Reduced labor for processing paper checks and deposit preparation
  • Deposits can be made from anywhere
  • Deposits can easily be consolidated from multiple locations
  • Faster notification of return items, expediting re-presentment and collection

Capture your share of this exciting new market with ACH Direct's fully integrated check conversion system! Our cost-effective solution supports easy conversion of checks to ARC, BOC and Check 21 images. ACH Direct has a solution for companies of all sizes that is scalable and flexible. Call us today to find out how your company can benefit by using BOC.

Want to learn more about BOC? Join us for a FREE teleseminar on Feb. 28 from 1-2:30 p.m. Hosted by ACH Direct, an Accredited ACH Professional from UMACHA will present compliance, legal and practical information about this exciting new application.

Highlights of the teleseminar include:

  • Originator Benefits
  • How BOC Works: The Transaction Flow
  • The Customer Experience – Has It changed?
  • Authorizations and Source Documents
  • Specific Rules and Warranties
  • Record Retention
  • Specific Return Reason Codes
  • Check Processing vs. ACH

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