Striata and Payments Gateway Partner to Securely Deliver Property Tax Bills Electronically

(ALLEN, TX – April 13, 2011) Payments Gateway's partnership with Striata combines powerful electronic payment and presentment solutions with email billing and secure document delivery, enabling customers to receive and pay their bills electronically and securely.

Payments Gateway and Striata are proud to announce their new partnership to offer an enhanced email billing solution. Payments Gateway provides a flexible, reliable and cost effective tool for automating and managing payment processing functions for thousands of organizations throughout North America. The addition of Striata Email Billing and Striata Secure Document Delivery, enables Payments Gateway to offer a powerful electronic presentment solution to compliment its robust and mature payments capability. As a result, the partnership has won its first client, Allegheny County.

Allegheny County: Department of the Treasurer, (Pennsylvania, USA) selected the Striata - Payments Gateway partnership to securely deliver residential property tax bills via email. Allegheny County customers now have the opportunity to receive their Email Bills directly into verified email inboxes. Bills can also be viewed on any email cabable mobile device such as the BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad etc.

"I am pleased to offer this valuable service the county residents that will help reduce our carbon footprint, save our environment and make Allegheny County a truly Greener government," says Treasurer John Weinstein. " This convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly billing option and payment service will also reduce the overall cost of county government."

Garin Toren, Striata Chief Operating Officer says "Payments Gateway is an ideal Striata partner. Their core payments processing strengths, in conjunction with Striata's unique email delivery solutions, create a customer experience that will be hard to match in this geography. Our immediate success with Allegheny County bodes very well for our future together."

By partnering with electronic payment providers, Striata enables its proprietary BillPay solution. The solution sets being incorporated into this partnership include: Striata Email Billing, Striata Secure Document Delivery, Striata BillPay, Striata eConsent, Striata Email Authentication and Striata Email Collection Services. Payments Gateway is geared to become a significant reseller of Striata's products and services

"We're very excited to add Striata's unique bill presentment solutions to our broad array of payment processing solutions," says Jeff Thorness, Payments Gateway Chief Executive Officer.

"By enabling our payment processing capabilities directly within Striata's bill presentment solutions, we can provide our joint customers with a solution that can significantly improve their cash flow."

Striata securely delivers the email bill with payment functionality embedded directly within the bill itself, thus allowing simple, secure payment with just a single click, all without the need to link back to any website. This results in radical improvement in time to pay.

"Striata utility, insurance, telco and government clients in North America have all seen Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) reductions in excess of 30% and in many cases as high as 55%. One of our large utility clients in Colorado recently saw payment speed reduced from 44 days, on average through paper billing and their website, to 9 days with its Striata solution," says Toren.

In addition to dramatically faster payments, a critical result of delivering bills and statements via email is paper turn off. The Striata eConsent process allows billers to gain paper suppression consent from their consumers, with just one simple click from within the body of an authenticated email. In addition, Striata adoption specialists will work with the Payments Gateway team to drive fast, cost efficient and accurate email address collection with their clients.

"Turning off the physical mailing and gaining the associated cost savings, in a way that drives maximum customer satisfaction is a key goal for all billers in 2011. Striata and Payments Gateway's unique solution set, which speeds up clients' payment processes and increases annual paper suppression, just cannot be beat in the marketplace today," concludes Toren.

About Striata:
Striata revolutionizes the way bills, statements, policies, collection notices, letters, paystubs and other high volume system-generated documents are delivered and paid. Registration requirements are eliminated by emailing feature rich, interactive, encrypted documents directly to the inbox and enabling innovative 1-click electronic payment from within the document itself.

Direct email delivery of bills and statements dramatically increases customer adoption of electronic documents, paper turn off and ePayments. This enables Striata's clients to achieve rapid ROI; complement their existing self-service and e-communication strategies; significantly reduce paper output and to meet their carbon footprint/environmental impact targets.

Striata's eMarketing platform provides a comprehensive solution for the creation and distribution of customized electronic marketing campaigns. Backed by more than a decade of expertise in digital marketing, our eMarketing solutions combine multi-medium electronic messaging capability with proprietary customer profiling technology to enable targeted delivery, high response rates and advanced customer insight reporting.

As a leading international provider of electronic messaging since 1999 with more than 200 blue chip customers, Striata has operations in New York, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and partners across the globe.

About Payments Gateway:
At Payments Gateway we understand how critical payments are to any organization, which drives us to develop and continually evolve one the most popular and innovative payment processing solutions on the market. Payments Gateway provides organizations of all types and sizes a flexible, reliable and cost effective tool for automating and managing their payment processing functions.

The role of Payments Gateway continues to expand as we strive to provide customers with first-class Performance and Reliability, Secure and Compliant Payments, Adaptive Technologies, a Broad Array of Solutions including a Complete Range of Payment Types, and Competitive Transparent Pricing with no surprises.

From credit cards to electronic checks, point-of-sale to the Internet, or payments via phone or fax, Payments Gateway is the only payment processor your business will ever need. Organizations can work directly with Payments Gateway and join the thousands of satisfied customers throughout North America which depend on Payments Gateway to process millions of transactions each and every month. Additional information about Payments Gateway can be found at

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