Donation Processing For Faith-Based & Charitable Organizations

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The Donation Challenge

The time-honored tradition of donating is just as important today as ever. But times have changed, and so has the way givers make donations. Today's contemporary faith-based and charitable organizations can maximize their revenue opportunities by offering payment options that make it convenient and easy to make donations, in a safe and secure way.

The Answer: E-Giving

ACH Direct has a simple yet complete solution for faith-based and charitable organizations. By accepting ACH (e-checks), credit or debit cards, you can increase the likelihood that your donor will give. Another convenience your donors will enjoy is auto-giving. This option permits recurring donations to be set up in advance, eliminating the need for carrying cash or checks.

ACH Direct is your single source for accepting all forms of payments. Whether you need one, all or a combination of our products and services, we can provide the most economic, user-friendly and time-reducing donation processing system available today. With ACH Direct, you can process all forms of payments through one simple system. Our services help reduce your processing costs and create a more efficient system for your staff. We've developed all of our front-end and back-end solutions in-house which allows us to easily connect new services into your existing process or customize solutions to meet your specific needs. Let one of our professional sales staff help you tailor the best possible solution to meet your needs.

How Will E-Giving Benefit My Organization?

  • Lower donation maintenance by 85 percent or more
  • Utilize one efficient system for all donations processing
  • Reduce paperwork and manual processing
  • Customize donation processing solutions to match the look and feel of your existing site
  • Full control of system maintenance for administrator
  • Customizable receipts, flexible reporting and multiple organization/activity donating/tuition/dues are just a few of the powerful features included