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Get to Really Know Your Customers with IDVerify™!

Reduce fraud with our industry-leading identity verification solution

If you’re doing business over the Internet, the phone or even in person, it’s more important today more than ever to be sure your customers are who they say they are.  The prevalence of identity theft makes it an essential business practice for you to have a safe, secure identity verification system in place…one that’s flexible enough to suit all your business needs.

IDVerify is designed to provide you with a rock-solid, real-time solution for identify verification with layered verification tools that include querying public data records like the U.S. Treasury OFAC Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN), helping you:

  • Avoid risky transactions
  • Protect customers
  • Protect your data
  • Prevent fraud and the resulting loss of revenue

IDVerify also features built-in flexibility that allows you to tailor your ID verification system to your specific business, industry or need.  And you can bundle it with our ATMVerify check verification solution to obtain the most comprehensive fraud management system available today.

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