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  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Long Term Commitment
  • Free Application and Setup
  • No Annual Fees
  • Free Virtual Terminal & Reporting
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Improve Your Cash Flow by cutting your losses due to bad check writers

Get peace-of-mind with ATMVerify®, the only check verification service that pays for itself

Your customers want the convenience that checks provide.  Unfortunately, U.S. businesses lose billions of dollars each year due to bad checks.  So how do you satisfy your customers while protecting your business?  It’s easy with ATMVerify.

With ATMVerify, you’ll have access to the most comprehensive system available today for preventing losses from bad check writers.  ATMVerify also helps you:

  • Reduce bank fees
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Improve cash flow

ATMVerify can be used for any transaction – in-store, online or by telephone – and integrates easily with your existing systems and software.  There are no annual or hidden fees, no monthly minimums and no long-term commitment.  The application and set-up are free and so is the comprehensive online reporting.

ACH Direct is the only payment processor your business will ever need. We also offer:

  • Credit card and debit card transaction processing
  • Industry-leading ACH / eCheck solutions
  • IDVerify, reduce fraud with our industry-leading identify verification solution

With ACH Direct your company will be able to accept all types payments using:

In fact, we’re so confident that ACH Direct’s ATMVerify is the best check verification service available today that we’ll let you try it free.  Get started today by calling 866-378-0001.

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