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  • No Long Term Commitment
  • Free Application and Setup
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ACH Direct is the only payment processor your business will ever need. We offer: 

    • Industry-leading ACH/electronic check solutions
    • Credit card and debit card transaction processing**
   • ATMVerify, the best check verification service on the market today

With ACH Direct your company will be able to accept all types payments using:

Our end-to-end security offers added peace of mind, as ACH Direct is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

All of our solutions support single or recurring ACH and credit card processing. Our flexible and cost-effective solutions can be easily combined and customized in a variety of ways to meet the specific needs of companies and organizations of all types and sizes.

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* For Low Risk Merchants
** Credit card rates
1.79% + $.30 for fully qualified swiped transactions
2.25% + $.30 for fully qualified MOTO/ecommerce transactions

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